Harmattan skincare: 3 tips for taking care of your face during the cold season

Your face always needs care and attention, especially during the cold season: here are some tips to follow for your harmattan skincare!

Cold temperatures can dry your skin out and make it much more delicate and fragile. That is why, during harmattan, we have learned to take care of it more than the usual, using the right products and following the right advices. The harmattan skincare is not that much different from your normal one. However, it is very important to follow some precautions which, in summer, are not a priority. Let’s find out what we need to do and what to avoid!

Harmattan skincare routine Add these 3 tips to your everyday classic skincare routine. In this way, you will avoid your skin to dry out and to become weak because of the cold.

Harmattan skincare

The first tip to follow is scrubbing at least once a week. This should be part of your routine, but it is not always the case.

A high quality scrub helps in removing dead cells and to create new epithelial cells. It is a great way to clean your face and eliminate dryness due to the cold temperatures.

Second tip: focus on beauty product types. You should buy specific cosmetics, according to your skin type.

Avoid too aggressive products and choose more delicate ones. It is important to not further irritate an already dry skin!

Finally, one of the rules that even the best make up artists and beauty bloggers follow is using night oils instead of your classic moisturizing cream. By following these simple tips, your face skin will undergo a total change this Harmattan season!

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