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What is Rice Water?

What is rice water?

What is Rice Water?

A natural remedy you might not be completely familiar with is rice water. This has been used for centuries in various Asian cultures, but no matter where you live, you can benefit from the water that is used for cleaning rice. Here are some things to know about using rice water for natural beauty.

How to Make Rice Water

First of all, you might need to know exactly how to make rice water when you are using it for beauty purpose. The good news here is that you can use any rice you have at home. You don’t have to worry too much about the variety of rice, just that you use the grains of rice, and not any type of instant rice. Getting it in the bag is also going to save you a lot of money. There are a few different ways to make rice water, but the quickest way to do it is heat up 2 cups of water and add about ½ cup of rice to the hot water. Let it sit in the water for 15-20 minutes, or until the water cools, then strain the rice from the water. Make sure you are saving that water, as it can be used on your face or hair.

The Benefits of Rice Water for Beauty

It reduces inflammation – If you have any inflammation or irritation of your skin, rice water is a great facial cleanser. It is gentle on your skin as a cleanser and for rinsing, plus it is going to reduce inflammation. This reduces irritation, redness, and puffiness, all of which can be a burden when you want to look your best during the winter.

You can have a gentle facial cleanser – Use rice water if you want to wash your face, but ordinary cleansers are irritating your skin. Your skin might be dry and more sensitive due to the cold winds, so soothing it with some rice water is a great option.

It washes your hair without stripping oils – During the winter, you need to hold onto as much of your hair’s natural oils as you can. This will prevent you from needing excessive amounts of deep conditioning and hair treatments. However, every time you wash your hair, you lose some of those oils. A better way to wash your hair is to alternate between using your regular shampoo and using rice water instead.

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